Why T-Shirt Printing Businesses Will Boom in 2020

T-Shirt Printing Businesses

T-shirts and custom hoodies canada are clothing pieces that will never go out of fashion. With a lot of styles such as plain, oversized, body-hugging, or graphic shirts, they are always a go-to by people from all age groups.

According to recent reports, in the past couple of years, making custom t-shirts have grown a lot. By 2025, it is expected to earn $10 billion in the world market. A lot of celebrities wear them to start a fashion trend or share a message.

If you have this kind of business, you need to offer more unique and trendy designs to attract more customers. This year, you can expect higher profits from your t-shirt business and here are the reasons why:

Brand Advertisement

A lot of businesses are started each year. Therefore, it can be a challenge for companies to get attention from their target market. Some of these companies utilize custom-made shirts to gain attention and make their businesses known. This is similar to car manufacturers. They put the car logos in front and back of the vehicle for branding.

Companies create brand awareness by putting their names, logos, and other details on shirts. This is a light and casual method to let people know of their brand. These shirts can be seen an-ywhere and anytime, and it is hard not to notice the person wearing the shirt.

TV Series Trend

For TV series such as Friends, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones, you will always meet fans of these shows wherever you go. Fans usually like to have shirts with the name of the series or their favorite characters printed.

If you have t-shirt maker software, you can assist customers in designing a shirt with their fa-vorite series. Customers can personalize it with the graphics, colors, and style they want, among many others. Before the final design is printed, the software allows them to see the fi-nal look of their shirt.

Team Spirit

Many companies put importance on making a strong relationship in the workplace for the past years. By having custom t-shirts made, they create a strong bond among their employees. The shirts help unite the departments and increase the commitment and motivation of employees. As a result, shirts play a role in achieving a company’s mission and goals.


This world is extremely competitive. Competition is nearby, so it may take companies quite some time to gain loyalty from customers. Some studies reported that customers stay on a brand if it has made a good experience for them.

Therefore, some companies have custom-made shirts to be given as freebies to their customers for a minimal amount of purchase. It helps gain loyalty from old customers, but it also offers new customers a great experience.

Fashion Statement

Fashion influencers are always on the lookout for new fashion statements. To showcase their style, they opt to wear custom-made shirts. Aside from highlighting their style, these shirts make them stand out from others.


Finally, you now know why t-shirt printing businesses will trend in 2020. Since t-shirts never go out of style, the trend will surely go beyond this year.

Ontario Municipalities Request for Federal Provincial Aid Remains Unanswered

According to Cam Guthrie, Mayor of Guelph and the chairman of Large Urban Mayor’s Caucus of Ontario, municipalities across the province issued requests to the Ontario federal government about the terrible financial situation they are in but are left unanswered. They felt like the government is turning a blind ear on their plea.

The municipalities are forced to make meets end for their constituents and sacrificed laying off thousands of staff and reconsider service cuts due to unsecured funding from the government. Guthrie puts transit as an example. He said that they couldn’t keep it running the way it is because of the dire circumstances.

It can be remembered that earlier this month, the LUMCO estimated a $415 million revenue loss and proposed a relief plan that will focus on addressing this huge loss dating from April to June. Guthrie said that both government levels agreed on the plan, but it seems that the talks are dragging on. He said that the longer it takes, the harder it is for small municipalities to cope and recover. He felt like small municipalities are being caught in the middle of a stand-off between provincial and federal issues being passed among parties.

Garrioch Tee Off for the Primary Time this Season Despite the Pandemic

After almost 68 days at home, Ottawa Sun’s journalist Bruce Garrioch heads off to the Hylands Golf Membership after talking to Ottawa Senators conditioning coach Chris Schwarz for a phone interview. It is his seventh year at the Hylands Golf membership, and he admits that he had been waiting for the course to open.

Because of the pandemic, specific rules need to be implemented. He said there is no bodily contact, and they had to refrain from the usual handshakes and hugs. “Just friendly and honest thanks.” he said.

The management had to implement window hours to accommodate golfers so as not to violate the distancing. Usually, players can tee between dawn to seven a.m., appropriately dubbed the “early birds.” But now, there is a 20 minute arrangement time and a 10-minute window between tee instances.

He was accompanied by spouse Maria and two companions Ian and Wade. They played rounds at 11:20 a.m., signifying the start of the golf season for the year 2020. However, there are no scoreboards, though, and the first tee benches and ball washers are removed.

Rift with China Stalls Huawei’s Ambition for Canada, Says Security Experts

Huawei Technologies Co. is aspiring to become the top supplier of 5G technology in Canada. Everything seems going their way until an extradition case was ruled to proceed to the next stage by a BC Supreme Court judge. The case was against Meng Wanzhou, one of Huawei’s executives and the founder’s daughter.

After this, Huawei’s ambitions are put in jeopardy. Jonathan Berkshire Miller, an international security issues expert, said in an interview on Thursday that Canada tried to keep Huawei’s role in 5G technology separate from the legal setback the company suffered. But China’s recent moves, including blocking Canadian exports of canola and the arrests of a Canadian ex-diplomat and a Canadian entrepreneur is pushing Canada to think otherwise.

Although US officials deemed Huawei’s involvement in the 5G network technology is a threat to national security, Huawei continued to be a long-time supplier of necessary equipment for the federal government in Ottawa. Miller said that after this rift between China and Canada, there would be a significant pressure against Huawei from different national security communities and other allies of Canada.

No Yard, No Problem: Build Your Own Pocket Garden

Growing your food is a trend nowadays, as numerous websites and lifestyle shows feature the health benefits of home-grown food to you and your family. However, growing your food in the city can be quite a challenge for most city-dwellers due to various issues such as limited space, access to proper sunlight exposure, or lack of good soil source.

Fret not, aspiring garden guru because we got you. Surprisingly, some herbs and veggies grow well in pots. Tomatoes, peppers, salad greens, and micro-greens don’t have deep roots and grow up to a manageable height making them perfect potted food factories right on your windowsill. For seeds and samplings, you can go online and order them to your doorstep or visit your local seed bank or plant shop.

Pots don’t have to be clay pots at all! Just punch drainage holes in your takeaway cups or ice cream tubs, and you have yourself a container for your greenies. Find a window in your apartment or condo unit with the best sunlight exposure, and remember to keep your greenies hydrated. Enjoy gardening!

The Ottawa Senators Looking Forward After Some Off-Season Changes Rocks the Game

According to Pierre Dorion, the general manager of the Ottawa Senators, the team is looking back on last year’s highlights and looking ahead at the uncertain 2020-2021 campaign as some off-season changes are being made underway. Dorion will hold the Senator’s end of the season press conference with local media through a Zoom call on Thursday afternoon.

The usual conference used to be held at the Canadian Tire Centre, but due to the pandemic, Dorion held it through his office at his Ottawa home, where he stayed since March. He discussed some of the changes involved, such as putting coach D.J. Smith behind the bench, the drafts set on June 26, and some other off-season changes, including new faces on the team. The deputy commissioners have not yet released the date for the next season. It is to be confirmed when the Senators will start their season training.

Transit Commission: Make Masks Mandatory for All Riders Amidst Health Risks

A report made by John Manconi asks the city’s transit commission on their meet on Monday that there is a strong need to make masks mandatory for all riders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, the city’s general manager of transportation services urges that plan should be implemented starting June 15.

Since the transit users and riders are asked to provide their masks, the city is contacting suppliers and working closely with Ottawa Public Health. This is to supply masks to those who don’t have access to a supply of masks. As a back-up plan, the OC Transpo will provide masks to the riders during the first week of implementation.

Transportation was reduced by 50 percent since March 25. But with the opening of major cities such as Ontario, who announced that they would be opening up the economy, the number of people using transportation is expected to increase.

Daily cleaning of the vehicles and station are also planned as well as barrier shields on buses. According to Dr. Vera Etches, the measures in place would have to remain until there is no longer any need to. Until then, the measures need to be firmly implemented to protect public health.

Being Money Smart: Ways to Improve your Financial Position

People often equate financial position to the amount of money a person makes or their credit history, but being financially literate, you can see that it’s more than just that. Your financial position paints a bigger picture starring you, your money, and the relationship you share. With a little bit of time, you can be money smart and improve your financial position.

You need to understand where you are financial. This can be a starter since your next financial decisions will ride on how much you need to improve. Once you know where you are, you can start going where you want to go. Stay on top of your finances, pay your bills on time, and work on a budget chart. Know where your money goes and weigh your spending amount against your earnings.

It is also essential to learn where your money is coming from so you can accurately plan on where it is going. Doing so, you can be free to make financial choices that allow you to enjoy life and be financially stable at the same time.

Aimia Defend Against Air Canada’s Court Move to Halt Upcoming Merger

Aimia Inc. is persistent in depending on the Quebec Superior Court against Air Canada who seeks to halt a merger that Aimia sees as their ticket for reinvention. Air Canada filed for an injunction against Aimia’s proposed merger with a tech company Waterloo, Ont. to form Kognitiv Corp. The merger announced on April 29, will leave Aimia with a 49 percent stake.

It can be remembered that Aimia sold Aeroplan, one of their rewards program, to Air Canada last year. Aimia alleges that the court filings by Air Canada is without merit and shows abuse of process as it will result in breaches of non-competition and confidentiality matters that Aimia agreed upon when it announced the Aeroplan sale in November 2018 for $516 million.

The merger forming Kognitiv was slated to close on the week of June 8. If successful, it can pave Aimia’s ambition to reshape its brand from a rewards points company to an investment manager. After almost two years of overhauled board and unrest among its shareholders and executives, Aimia sees this merger as their silver-lining.

Ottawa Growth Intensifies, Council Approves Urban Expansion

The council approved more than 1,350 to 1,650hectares of land for homebuilding to be added on the outskirts of Ottawa’s suburbs after it received a 15 to 6 vote on Wednesday. Along with the approved homebuilding land, the council also approved an endorsed growth plan for 402,000 resident accommodation. The council plans to set a residential intensification goal of 51 percent starting July 2018 to July 2046.

These plans will create new boundaries and will be composed of 1,281 hectares of residential land while the rest will be allotted for employment land, although the extension is already planned, Coun. Jan Harder said that they would provide a variety of housing. He said that planning isn’t about taking the people’s choice in what kind of house they wanted to live in. On the other hand, Coun. Rawlson King said that the city needs to focus more on the intensification since they need to know the cost of the expansion on the taxpayers.

Usually, expansions that will consume suburbs will raise the eyebrows of environmentalists. However, the impending protests are thwarted by the pandemic. The masses turned to social media protests and internet movements to demand the halt of the planned expansion.