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Tobacco is famous for the adverse effects it has on our health. However, according to experts, there are benefits of tobacco if you are choosing a mix ratio, such as it lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease, lowers obesity, lowers the risk of knee-replacement surgery, and so on. The experts claimed that the medicinal use of tobacco is for colds and catarrh.

Now let’s talk further about how to grow your tobacco and why you should do it.

Why Grow Your Own Tobacco

Tobacco plants are not just affordable and fun to use (if you are using them), but it’s a unique addition to your plant collection in your garden.

Additionally, growing your own tobaccos at home will keep you from consuming the additives that most tobacco production companies use.

Types of Tobacco

Below are the different kinds of tobacco. The most common type of tobacco, making up the greatest percentage being grown every day, is flue-cured tobacco.

  • Flue-cured
  • Burley
  • Dark-air cured
  • Oriental

How to Grow Your Tobacco

Same with your regular and favorite plants in your garden, growing tobacco is fun to do.

Materials needed:

  • Fine soil
  • Pot
  • Spray bottle
  • Some plastic wraps which (optional)
  • Tobacco seeds

Tobacco seeds are so tiny that a pinch is a hundred of potential seedlings. They also require a special procedure than the common roots. Light is also needed for germination at a little warmer temperature. You need small pots to spread the minute seeds evenly, for it’s not advisable to plant the seeds directly in your garden. Grow your seeds indoors under a room temperature of 24-27 Degrees Celsius.

The usual germination time of the seeds is within 1-3 weeks. Once the seeds started to germinate and have grown for at least 10 millimeters, transfer it to a bigger pot for them to have ample space to grow. Utilize the standard organic fertilizer for your plants to have a good quantity of potash and nitrogen. Miracle-Gro is a good fertilizer for your tobacco plants as well.

As your seedling grows up to 2-3 inches tall, transfer them to a second flat. If the sun is scourging, wait until the seedlings grow up to half feet until you plant them in the garden.

The tobacco blooms and grows fast once you transferred it to your garden. Give them regular compost or manure for robust and healthy plants. After two months of your plants, you may start harvesting some nice leaves. Pay attention to minor pests that can really chew your plants’ leaves. Then after several months, expect your plants to bloom.

It’s fun and interesting to grow your own tobacco. Smokers will know and appreciate the goodness between homegrown tobaccos the processed ones. After harvesting, you perform the process of curing or drying. Either you have it dried under direct sunlight or hang it into the open-air.

Also, you would want to plant this ancient plant even if you’ve settled for vaping or not puffing at all. You can use it as an organic insecticide as well. Along with that, you can also sell it to some laboratories for medicinal processing and purposes.