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T-shirts are clothing pieces that will never go out of fashion. With a lot of styles such as plain, oversized, body-hugging, or graphic shirts, they are always a go-to by people from all age groups.

According to recent reports, in the past couple of years, making custom t-shirts have grown a lot. By 2025, it is expected to earn $10 billion in the world market. A lot of celebrities wear them to start a fashion trend or share a message.

If you have this kind of business, you need to offer more unique and trendy designs to attract more customers. This year, you can expect higher profits from your t-shirt business and here are the reasons why:

Brand Advertisement

A lot of businesses are started each year. Therefore, it can be a challenge for companies to get attention from their target market. Some of these companies utilize custom-made shirts to gain attention and make their businesses known. This is similar to car manufacturers. They put the car logos in front and back of the vehicle for branding.

Companies create brand awareness by putting their names, logos, and other details on shirts. This is a light and casual method to let people know of their brand. These shirts can be seen an-ywhere and anytime, and it is hard not to notice the person wearing the shirt.

TV Series Trend

For TV series such as Friends, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones, you will always meet fans of these shows wherever you go. Fans usually like to have shirts with the name of the series or their favorite characters printed.

If you have t-shirt maker software, you can assist customers in designing a shirt with their fa-vorite series. Customers can personalize it with the graphics, colors, and style they want, among many others. Before the final design is printed, the software allows them to see the fi-nal look of their shirt.

Team Spirit

Many companies put importance on making a strong relationship in the workplace for the past years. By having custom t-shirts made, they create a strong bond among their employees. The shirts help unite the departments and increase the commitment and motivation of employees. As a result, shirts play a role in achieving a company’s mission and goals.


This world is extremely competitive. Competition is nearby, so it may take companies quite some time to gain loyalty from customers. Some studies reported that customers stay on a brand if it has made a good experience for them.

Therefore, some companies have custom-made shirts to be given as freebies to their customers for a minimal amount of purchase. It helps gain loyalty from old customers, but it also offers new customers a great experience.

Fashion Statement

Fashion influencers are always on the lookout for new fashion statements. To showcase their style, they opt to wear custom-made shirts. Aside from highlighting their style, these shirts make them stand out from others.


Finally, you now know why t-shirt printing businesses will trend in 2022. Since t-shirts never go out of style, the trend will surely go beyond this year.