No Yard, No Problem: Build Your Own Pocket Garden

Growing your food is a trend nowadays, as numerous websites and lifestyle shows feature the health benefits of home-grown food to you and your family. However, growing your food in the city can be quite a challenge for most city-dwellers due to various issues such as limited space, access to proper sunlight exposure, or lack of good soil source. 

Fret not, aspiring garden guru because we got you. Surprisingly, some herbs and veggies grow well in pots. Tomatoes, peppers, salad greens, and micro-greens don’t have deep roots and grow up to a manageable height making them perfect potted food factories right on your windowsill. For seeds and samplings, you can go online and order them to your doorstep or visit your local seed bank or plant shop.

Pots don’t have to be clay pots at all! Just punch drainage holes in your takeaway cups or ice cream tubs, and you have yourself a container for your greenies. Find a window in your apartment or condo unit with the best sunlight exposure, and remember to keep your greenies hydrated. Enjoy gardening!


Breakup Aftermath: Who Gets to Keep the Dog?

When you’re starting, you bought a pup to raise your partner in the apartment you share. Now that you’ve split, properties are getting divvied up, and boundaries are reclaimed. After a lot of moving out and moving on, who gets the pup? 

 It is a dilemma as both of you have a valid claim to your little fur-baby. But as much as both of you needed furry kisses to get you through this emotionally rocky times, you need to think of what’s best for your pup. Decide on who can best take care of the dog on their own. 

Who has a flexible time? If you knew you have to spend most of your time at work and your partner can see to your pooch, let your partner keep the dog. Who has enough money for dog-basics like food, vet, and grooming? Be honest and think of your dog’s needs. There’s no law saying exes can’t be civil, especially if the break up is a mutual decision. Give each other some dog visitation rights. 


Five Quick and Easy Fixes to Perk Up Your Porch

Don’t you just love a nice little porch to place that good old rocking chair to sip your morning tea or welcome you after a hard day’s work? Well, we all do, so we compiled these quick and easy fixes to perk up your little porch with budget-friendly upgrades. 

  1. Check your porch. Include your porch in your routine house cleaning. The outdoors can be harsh on porches and often leave them dusty, exposed to termites, or rusty. 
  2. Bring your hammer and nails out. Replace those squeaky floorboards or tighten screws here and there. Safety first!
  3. Add some colors. If you have leftover paints from recent house changes, coat those wobbly railings and faded columns. 
  4. A touch of green. Bring the greenies into the picture. Choose low potted plants and place them on either side of your door. You might also consider putting some hanging plants. 
  5. Let there be light. Replace old bulbs with new ones. Add fairy lights if you’re feeling perky. 

Perking up your porch does not need to be complicated. Just choose one of the tips mentioned above, and you’ll surely notice a major difference. You can choose the colors and the design to match your home.