How To Grow Your Own Tobacco and the Benefits of Planting Your Own

Tobacco is famous for the adverse effects it has on our health. However, according to experts, there are benefits of tobacco if you are choosing a mix ratio, such as it lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease, lowers obesity, lowers the risk of knee-replacement surgery, and so on. The experts claimed that the medicinal use of tobacco is for colds and catarrh.
Now let’s talk further about how to grow your tobacco and why you should do it.
Why Grow Your Own Tobacco
Tobacco plants are not just affordable and fun to use (if you are using them), but it’s a unique addition…

Ontario Municipalities Request for Federal Provincial Aid Remains Unanswered

According to Cam Guthrie, Mayor of Guelph and the chairman of Large Urban Mayor’s Caucus of Ontario, municipalities across the province issued requests to the Ontario federal government about the terrible financial situation they are in but are left unanswered. They felt like the government is turning a blind ear on their plea.
The municipalities are forced to make meets end for their constituents and sacrificed laying off thousands of staff and reconsider service cuts due to unsecured funding from the government. Guthrie puts transit as an example. He said that they couldn’t keep it running the way it is because of the dire …

Ottawa Growth Intensifies, Council Approves Urban Expansion

The council approved more than 1,350 to 1,650hectares of land for homebuilding to be added on the outskirts of Ottawa’s suburbs after it received a 15 to 6 vote on Wednesday. Along with the approved homebuilding land, the council also approved an endorsed growth plan for 402,000 resident accommodation. The council plans to set a residential intensification goal of 51 percent starting July 2018 to July 2046.
These plans will create new boundaries and will be composed of 1,281 hectares of residential land while the rest will be allotted for employment land, although the extension is already planned, Coun. Jan Harder said that they …

Transit Commission: Make Masks Mandatory for All Riders Amidst Health Risks

A report made by John Manconi asks the city’s transit commission on their meet on Monday that there is a strong need to make masks mandatory for all riders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, the city’s general manager of transportation services urges that plan should be implemented starting June 15.
Since the transit users and riders are asked to provide their masks, the city is contacting suppliers and working closely with Ottawa Public Health. This is to supply masks to those who don’t have access to a supply of masks. As a back-up plan, the OC Transpo will provide masks to the riders during the first week of …

Ottawa Officer Faces the Heat of the Wife’s Sexual Allegations Against Deputy Chief

An Ottawa police officer has the public’s eye and received dozens of complaints from his superiors after his wife threw sexual harassment allegations against Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal. He referred to the accusations as severe reprisals and the allegation result to the officer’s transfer in December.
Since the officer’s wife filed a complaint, two more women stepped forward and filed sexual harassment allegations against Deputy Chief Jaswal. All in all, he’d been charged under the Police Services Act with six counts of misconduct and caused him to be suspended. Although none of the allegations were proven, the service launches…