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The stats of the season are final, and things are looking good for the Senators as they gained a 25 percent chance of landing the first pick in the entry draft. This puts them as the leading team in the league.

However, things are not looking good for them as they failed to fill the seats at the Canadian Tire Centre for most of the team’s home games this season. The NHL attendance report showed at gives the Senator a 12,618 average crowd audience for the season. Right above them is the Islanders at 12,810. The Senators also placed a lousy percentage for building capacity filled with 65.9 percent landing nowhere near Islander’s 81.3 percent.

It is unclear whether the Senators are gaining lesser fans as the years went on or whether there is a significant decrease in people interested in watching the game in general. In the 2018-2019 season, the Senators attracted 14,553 spectators, which shows that their average crowd dropped. The team is hoping that their 25 percent chances on the draft pick will raise the audience next season.