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When you’re starting, you bought a pup to raise your partner in the apartment you share. Now that you’ve split, properties are getting divvied up, and boundaries are reclaimed. After a lot of moving out and moving on, who gets the pup?

It is a dilemma as both of you have a valid claim to your little fur-baby. But as much as both of you needed furry kisses to get you through this emotionally rocky times, you need to think of what’s best for your pup. Decide on who can best take care of the dog on their own.

Who has a flexible time? If you knew you have to spend most of your time at work and your partner can see to your pooch, let your partner keep the dog. Who has enough money for dog-basics like food, vet, and grooming? Be honest and think of your dog’s needs. There’s no law saying exes can’t be civil, especially if the break up is a mutual decision. Give each other some dog visitation rights.