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An Ottawa police officer has the public’s eye and received dozens of complaints from his superiors after his wife threw sexual harassment allegations against Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal. He referred to the accusations as severe reprisals and the allegation result to the officer’s transfer in December.

Since the officer’s wife filed a complaint, two more women stepped forward and filed sexual harassment allegations against Deputy Chief Jaswal. All in all, he’d been charged under the Police Services Act with six counts of misconduct and caused him to be suspended. Although none of the allegations were proven, the service launches a project aiming to deal with workplace sexual harassment and seeks to protect victims who plan to come forward against possible reprisals.

The officer and his wife refrained from having their names publicized. The officer said he believed that Chief Sloly’s decision was intentionally designed to support Jaswal. When the OCPC learned about the officer’s statement, they asked Sloly through a letter sent in March to lay the documents related to the complaints against the deputy chief. According to OCPC, Sloly said that other documents are not needed to be laid as they are unrelated to the case.