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A report made by John Manconi asks the city’s transit commission on their meet on Monday that there is a strong need to make masks mandatory for all riders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Later, the city’s general manager of transportation services urges that plan should be implemented starting June 15.

Since the transit users and riders are asked to provide their masks, the city is contacting suppliers and working closely with Ottawa Public Health. This is to supply masks to those who don’t have access to a supply of masks. As a back-up plan, the OC Transpo will provide masks to the riders during the first week of implementation.

Transportation was reduced by 50 percent since March 25. But with the opening of major cities such as Ontario, who announced that they would be opening up the economy, the number of people using transportation is expected to increase.

Daily cleaning of the vehicles and station are also planned as well as barrier shields on buses. According to Dr. Vera Etches, the measures in place would have to remain until there is no longer any need to. Until then, the measures need to be firmly implemented to protect public health.