Five Quick and Easy Fixes to Perk Up Your Porch

Don’t you just love a nice little porch to place that good old rocking chair to sip your morning tea or welcome you after a hard day’s work? Well, we all do, so we compiled these quick and easy fixes to perk up your little porch with budget-friendly upgrades.

  1. Check your porch.Include your porch in your routine house cleaning. The outdoors can be harsh on porches and often leave them dusty, exposed to termites, or rusty.
  2. Bring your hammer and nails out.Replace those squeaky floorboards or tighten screws here and there. Safety first!
  3. Add some colors.If you have leftover paints from recent house changes, coat those wobbly railings and faded columns.
  4. A touch of green.Bring the greenies into the picture. Choose low potted plants and place them on either side of your door. You might also consider putting some hanging plants.
  5. Let there be light.Replace old bulbs with new ones. Add fairy lights if you’re feeling perky.

Perking up your porch does not need to be complicated. Just choose one of the tips mentioned above, and you’ll surely notice a major difference. You can choose the colors and the design to match your home.

Season Stats Looking Good for the Senators Except Crowd Attendance

The stats of the season are final, and things are looking good for the Senators as they gained a 25 percent chance of landing the first pick in the entry draft. This puts them as the leading team in the league.

However, things are not looking good for them as they failed to fill the seats at the Canadian Tire Centre for most of the team’s home games this season. The NHL attendance report showed at gives the Senator a 12,618 average crowd audience for the season. Right above them is the Islanders at 12,810. The Senators also placed a lousy percentage for building capacity filled with 65.9 percent landing nowhere near Islander’s 81.3 percent.

It is unclear whether the Senators are gaining lesser fans as the years went on or whether there is a significant decrease in people interested in watching the game in general. In the 2018-2019 season, the Senators attracted 14,553 spectators, which shows that their average crowd dropped. The team is hoping that their 25 percent chances on the draft pick will raise the audience next season.

Breakup Aftermath: Who Gets to Keep the Dog?

When you’re starting, you bought a pup to raise your partner in the apartment you share. Now that you’ve split, properties are getting divvied up, and boundaries are reclaimed. After a lot of moving out and moving on, who gets the pup?

It is a dilemma as both of you have a valid claim to your little fur-baby. But as much as both of you needed furry kisses to get you through this emotionally rocky times, you need to think of what’s best for your pup. Decide on who can best take care of the dog on their own.

Who has a flexible time? If you knew you have to spend most of your time at work and your partner can see to your pooch, let your partner keep the dog. Who has enough money for dog-basics like food, vet, and grooming? Be honest and think of your dog’s needs. There’s no law saying exes can’t be civil, especially if the break up is a mutual decision. Give each other some dog visitation rights.

Ottawa Officer Faces the Heat of the Wife’s Sexual Allegations Against Deputy Chief

An Ottawa police officer has the public’s eye and received dozens of complaints from his superiors after his wife threw sexual harassment allegations against Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal. He referred to the accusations as severe reprisals and the allegation result to the officer’s transfer in December.

Since the officer’s wife filed a complaint, two more women stepped forward and filed sexual harassment allegations against Deputy Chief Jaswal. All in all, he’d been charged under the Police Services Act with six counts of misconduct and caused him to be suspended. Although none of the allegations were proven, the service launches a project aiming to deal with workplace sexual harassment and seeks to protect victims who plan to come forward against possible reprisals.

The officer and his wife refrained from having their names publicized. The officer said he believed that Chief Sloly’s decision was intentionally designed to support Jaswal. When the OCPC learned about the officer’s statement, they asked Sloly through a letter sent in March to lay the documents related to the complaints against the deputy chief. According to OCPC, Sloly said that other documents are not needed to be laid as they are unrelated to the case.